Shirley Jane Temple

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Shirley Temple was born on April 23, 1928 in Santa Monica CA. Her talent was discovered when she was attending a dancing school at the age of three. In 1934, when she was only 6 years old, she starred in 9 movies, and also won an Academy Award that year. One interesting fact is that her mother set back her birth cerificate by one year when Shirley started working for Fox. Her mother believed that by making her appear younger, she would be more appealing to the public. Shirley did not find out until her 12th birthday, when she learned that she was really turning 13. As she became a teenager her fame began to fail. She was not the cute little girl that the public loved anymore. Shirley retired from showbusiness in 1950, but tried to revive her career in 1958 on television, but failed. Shirley married John Agar in 1945 and had her first daughter, Linda. The marriage failed after only five years. Her second husband was Charles Black. Black and Temple had two children, Charles Jr. and Lori. They were married until his death in 2005. Shirley Temple became involved in politics later in life. She was a member of the Republican party, and ran for congress in 1967 but lost. Temple served as a delegate in many international conferences and became the first female chief of protocol in 1976. She also became the ambassador to Czechoslovakia. Her accomplishments have been great over the years.

During the 1930sm Shirley helped to entertain people throughout the depression. She inspired people and became known as "America's Princess".


Interesting Facts

Shirley Temple was guessed to have 50 curls on her head.

She was supposed to be cast as Dorothy in "Wizard of Oz", but Fox would not lend her to MGM.

When she was cast to play Beauty in "Beauty and the Beast", and her daughter said to her, "Gee Mom, you'll make a swell beast!"

She auditioned to be in "Our Gang/The Little Rascals," but the director refused because her mother requested that she get star billing.

She had a soft drink named after her.

When she was a teen, she had a body guard named Louis Dean Palmer, who she called "Palmtree".

She became the youngest person to receive an Oscar at the age of 6.

Her second husband, Charles Black, admitted to her while they were dating that he had never seen any of her movies.

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