"Gonna seem funny to see pretty country."
-John Steinbeck in the Grapes of Wrath

The Tennessee Valley Authority

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The Tennessee Valley Authroity was established on May 8, 1933 by President Roosevelt. It was organized to create jobs for the common Americans during the depression, but in its founding year the TVA was in very sad shape. The TVA was in charge of saving the land in the Tennessee Valley, but much of the land had been cultivated too hard for too long for this to be an easy task. TVA created fertilizers and showed farmers how to enhance crop yields. TVA dams established electricity for thousands of people at a reasonable price. Electricity modernized and produced jobs for the Tennessee region. The U.S. needed aluminum for supplies for World War II and those factories required electricity, which was generated by the TVAs hydro-power plants.
The Tennessee Valley Authority has continued to provide what it can for America, with energy conservation as its foremost thought and concern.
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